Golden Star Vista company with Alex brand is a new brand with a long experience in the household appliances industry.

The founder and owner of this company is Mr. Shamsuddin Banainejad, one of the founders of the hood and built-in kitchen appliances industry in Iran.

After years of service to the country's home appliance industry, she was seeking to create another transformation in the industry with a wealth of experience and the benefit of young and knowledgeable workers

Vista Star Company has been able to bring the world's best technology in the field of steel sink production to the country with a large investment. According to the memorandum of understanding concluded between Star Golden Vista Company (Alex) and Kiermar Company of Denmark, the latest machines in the world have entered our beloved country.

It is safe to say that the technology used in this company is unique not only in the Middle East, but globally.

The view of the founder of this company and its managers is to look beyond product sales and beyond domestic markets. We seek to raise the holy flag of Iran in the regional and international markets. In this difficult and full of hope path, we urgently need the help and companionship of colleagues and friends.

It is hoped that we will build a prosperous and proud Iran together.

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